The beautiful garden and pleasant music, makes Socratous Garden a pleasurable place to visit any time of the day or night.
Medieval Old Town of Rhodes.
In the most popular street you will find Socratous Garden
Socratous Garden has two entrances. Socratous and Theofiliskou street.
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We’ve got a big variety of coffees for your daily pleasures.
At Sokratous Garden you will find the Greek traditional coffee with its original flavor and the only aroma of coffee.

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Work Team

  Did you like the visit at Sokratous garden?  
Dislikes: 2
  Meni works at Sokratous Garden for 8 years. She is responsible for the food and she tries to provide fresh materials to all customers.  
Dislikes: 2
  Coco works 25 years to Sokratous Garden. He is the only from the team who works 16 hours daily for your happiness. He is responsible to make your mood.  
Dislikes: 3
  George works at Sokratous Garden for 8 years. He is responsible for your coziness and service.  
Dislikes: 2
  Nikitas works at Sokratous garden for 13 years. He is responsible for the cocktails and long drinks.  
Dislikes: 3
  George works at Sokratous Garden for 21 years. He is responsible for coffees and breakfast.  
Dislikes: 2
You knew this
Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodecanese. The capital city, located on the northern tip, is the capital of the Prefecture in the center of the medieval city.


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